Picture of a man, with bunny ears


As a kid, I never thought of photography as a career. Instead, I thought photography as a way to capture a moment. As I grew older and continued documenting my adventures and friendships, my passion for photography grew into obsession, and I knew this was no longer a hobby. That’s when I decided to get my Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography. Being someone with eclectic taste, I feel like I could never photograph just one particular subject and be satisfied. What really makes a photograph is what happens during the interaction between the photographer and the subject—whether it’s a foggy morning up in the bay, or a dapper dressed man in a suit and a tie. I love the time spent getting the shot.  If you enjoy my photography, and are looking for a portrait or commercial photographer, please contact my team for rates and availability.

Photography ~ High End Retouching ~ Video

Ajay Fay

Photographer, Retoucher, Art Director.